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terça-feira, 17 de abril de 2007


A revista "Downbeat", bíblia do jazz mundial, qualificou com 4 estrêlas (de um máximo de 5) o último CD de Ithamara Koorax. A seguir, a transcrição do comentário da revista em sua edição de Fevereiro de 2007.

Brazilian singer Ithamara Koorax is delightfully unpredictable in her music. Her new album is a far cry from "Love Dance", her sultry lovefest of sophisticated ballads. This mind-stretching sampler showcases her intimate dialogues with superb musicians (Dom Um Romão and Gonzalo Rubalcaba are back), flashing moods and eye-blink arrangements of scintilating tunes. The energy level and timing (78 minutes long) push the max as Koorax leaps headlong into steamy, sexy and in-your-ear singing."Brazilian Butterfly" flutters free with Koorax's embracing virtuosity and astonishing range, and frames her crazy-quilt with jungle jams where top percussionists Romão and Eloir de Moraes "talk the blues" over her volcanic vocalese and feral screeches. Koorax pours impure passion and hymnic simplicity into earthy Bahiana wailers by Dorival Caymmi, and goes head-to-head in raw duo with Thiago de Mello's berimbau, with stirring vocal underdubs. There's no let-up to this party until Koorax sweetly flaunts her command of jazz vernacular on Herbie Hancock's "Butterfly" and voluptuously purrs Pixinguinha's fabled "Carinhoso". This is Koorax's vital exploration of black Brazilian roots.- Fred Bouchard

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